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Connecting and sharing information with online travel agents such as, etc. has never been easier.

Our Integrated system takes real time rates and availability along with content such as images, hotel description, amenities, promotions etc. from the Property manager directly and shares the same with partners of your choice based on rules you have created.

No need to pay for expensive channel managers or invest time in sharing information with each partner separately.

Just create the rules in and you are ready to go.

Hotel Distribution Channel Management System

Our PMS links with the OTAs, channel managers, and global distribution systems precisely. It allows you to get access to the main dashboard that provides you complete control over the distribution channels of the hotel. With Hotel Launcher’s GDS connect, channel manager and distribution channel analysis, the rate and inventory of the room get updated throughout the online hotel distribution channels. Also, it allows the system to get sync with your front desk. You can save your time spent on regulating of commission terms and conditions of booking, charges and more as all these are defined in the system automatically.

Our integrated hotel distribution channels system takes availability and real-time rates with the content such as amenities, hotel descriptions, images, promotions etc. Rather than paying for expensive channel managers, just get our software to make your online hotel distribution management easier.

By connecting your hotel to OTAs, you can increase your sales. Also, you can eliminate overbooking because of manual errors. Hotel Launcher provides the best distribution channel analysis that makes channel management and room selling easier than ever.

For hotel owners, losing revenue is always at a stake because of blocked room nights. By using our distribution channels in the hotel industry, you can allocate room inventory without risking anything.