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With our simple yet powerful platform hotels of all kinds can run their daily operations easily and without errors.

Tasks such as checking in/out guests, creating and sharing invoices, managing housekeeping schedules, taking room service orders etc., assigning rights to hotel staff, generating high quality reports real time, etc. are now a cakewalk on mobile, tablets and desktop.

Cloud Property Management System

Our property manager hotel manager is built with a customer-centric approach. It is a fully integrated cloud-based property management system that helps your staff to concentrate on the personalized customer service that distinguishes your hotel.

Our hotel property manager provides an intuitive managerial dashboard, user-friendly housekeeping reporting, and functions. Whether you want quick access to data regarding your business-like housekeeping, check-ins, checkout, or reservation, you can get access to your mobile by using our hotel property management software.

Our housekeeping staff can analyze, add a room or update the cleaning status of the room to the inventory pool from their hand-held devices directly.

Our hotel management system streamlines all the operations and distribution of the hotel. Our simple yet effective hotel management software can run their daily operations without any errors. Crucial tasks such as managing housekeeping schedule, check-ins and outs, creating and sharing invoices, generation high quality reports real-time and assigning rights to the hotel’s staff etc are now much easier on the desktop, tablets, and mobile.

At Hotel Launcher, our hotel property manager uses mobile-first design that helps you to get access and update information from anywhere, anytime on devices like Smartphone, tablets, or desktop.

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